What we do

At Visual Cognition Laboratory, we develop and implement cutting-edge, AI-powered computer vision solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses across various industries. Our expert team collaborates with clients to create custom applications, integrate advanced technology, and provide strategic guidance for optimized performance. Through continuous innovation and exceptional support, we empower businesses to unlock new opportunities and drive growth in a competitive landscape.

3D Computer Vision

“Revolutionizing Perception: Discover the Power of 3D Computer Vision”

Stereo Vision, Depth estimation
3D Pose estimation and its applications
3D Object recognition
Structure from Motion
Point Cloud Processing
Novel view synthesis
3D Scene Rconstruction

2D computer vision

“Decoding the Visual World: Experience the Power of 2D Computer Vision”

Image classification and Object Detection
Image and video super-resolution
Semantic Segmentation and Instance segmentation
Face Detection and Recognition
2D Human Pose Estimation
Visual Tracking
Image Stitching and Panorma creation
Optical character Recognition
Custom Computer Vision Development

We create custom computer vision applications designed to solve specific industry challenges and address unique business requirements, including object detection and recognition, image and video analytics, and pattern recognition

AI Integration and Consultation

Our team of AI experts collaborates with clients to integrate cutting-edge computer vision technology into their existing systems and processes, offering strategic guidance and support to optimize performance and achieve desired outcomes.

Augmented Reality Solutions

We develop immersive augmented reality experiences for various industries, utilizing computer vision and AI technologies to enhance user interactions and streamline workflows.

Training and Support

We provide hands-on training and ongoing support for our clients, ensuring they have the knowledge and resources to effectively leverage our computer vision solutions and maximize their return on investment.

Research and Development

 Our commitment to innovation drives our ongoing research and development efforts, enabling us to stay at the forefront of computer vision and AI advancements and deliver the latest technologies to our clients.

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